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Stars of Akarios

Stars of Akarios is a narrative-driven, cooperative campaign game for 1-4 players set in the Akarios Galaxy. Throughout Stars of Akarios, you will fight in epic space battles, upgrade your ship, and explore the fringes of space.



Space Combat

You and your fellow cadets are close to completing your Akarios Institute pilot training when an unknown enemy attacks your home planet of Medellia. You must fight back with the war hero Captain Soma and her ship, the Sparrow.


World Exploration

You will need to step out of your fighters to explore hostile worlds and ships. World Exploration is discovery-focused, putting your cunning to the test as you seek new home for your civilization. Use your pilots' skills to complete the challenges you encounter in the limited time available.


Space Exploration

The Sparrow travels across the Akarios System in search of what's next. Manage your ship’s resources as you explore and embark on missions fighting to survive. You can continue exploring even if out of resources, but you risk starting your next encounter at a disadvantage.


Player Progression

Your pilot's skills will grow as you test your grit against the enemies in Stars of Akarios. Upgrade you characters' unique abilities and skill trees, allowing you to customize your play experience.

Your Choices Matter

The 200 page scenario book unfolds as a "choose-your-own-adventure." Each choice, success, and failure will shape your story. It will take multiple play-throughs to see all of the Akarios galaxy.

The Pilots

8 different pilots each come with their own unique progression pad and set of skills. The campaign starts with 4 available pilots and the others are unlocked through the choices you make.

The Ships

10 pilot ships each come with their own set of abilities and class. The ship class will determine what type of upgrades the ship can equip. 

Play How You Want

Equip a combination of upgrade and ability cards from over 55 weapon cards, 55 engine cards, 55 tech cards, many co-pilots, ship abilities, and pilot abilities. Slot in each upgrade in your dual-layered playerboard where everything has a home.

The Rulebook

The Stars of Akarios Rulebook is a highly detailed and visual-forward way to learn how to play Stars of Akarios. Index and quick reference included (as they should be).

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